Multilingual support on

Publication date: 2017-11-07

For a long time I wanted to add English language support to the site, and to start publishing posts in English. Finally, I've found the time to implement this. Meet, is now in English, too!

This post will be the first in my blog that will be published in both English and Russian. I'll eventually translate all the other posts, too. The comments for the older posts were preserved, but the URL addressing has been changed a bit. Initially I also wanted to add redirects from the old post locations to the new ones, but ultimately I've decided that it will require too much effort and provide too little benefits.

I'd like to point my regular readers (in case they ever exist) to the changes in RSS: the site now has three RSS feeds.

Please, set up your RSS readers according to your language preferences. For a while, English part of the site will be pretty empty, but I hope to eventually bring the parity by translating all of my materials to both of the languages.

If you found a bug or a flaw in a multilingual version of the site — please, feel free to notify me either through comments or through the site issue tracker. I will be glad to fix any problems you encounter.